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Quickie (not that kind)

Sorry I’ve been MIA. Thursdays are my crazy days and today I’m running around cleaning and  packing before heading to class. Len is picking me up at school and we’re hitting the road to Maine. I just tried on my ski pants and I look like a beluga whale. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to look any more puffy. I really wanted to look cool on the slopes. Damn.

Len and I went for a run this morning which is good because I was having lots of cookie guilt. You should know that there have been many cookies over the last few days. Below are some other random eats. I’ll post again tonight or tomorrow with some updates from our trip. Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend!!

Awesome combo: banana, pineapple chobani and coconut

Dark chocolate and orange Newman's Own Organic. This sucker is long gone

Mary's crackers, jack cheese, hummus

Soy nugget parm that Len made. He was so proud! With rice

Hi protein pretzels from Newman's Own Organics. Ate my fair share last night.

More PB and Apple butter bagel thin sandwiches. kel-it's definitely tangy!

Doesn't it look like I'm breast-feeding Ellie? Those would be some sore nipples.

It’s been one week since starting that Cindy Crawford face line– I don’t feel any different but I’m not sure that I’m supposed to. What the hell is that eye cream made out of? It kinda burns my eye skin when applied. Who said beauty was painless? P.S. One of my adolescent clients told me I had crowsfeet. Bastard.

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Who you calling fat?

Yo! This morning I had the hardest time getting dressed for work and I definitely look like a bum today. I cannot believe how little I shopped this season and last. Turns out that hating your body is a real money saver. The lady to the left doesn’t worry about body image or carrying around an extra roll or two. One of the many beautiful things about animals. They just live in the moment. I was thinking yesterday about how we feed our dog better than we feed ourselves. I hate buying crap treats and try to only buy items with a short ingredient list.

A big thanks to Sally from Newman’s Own Organics. She sent along two bags of treats for Eleanor to “review”. Eleanor has been reviewing these same treats since she was a baby because they just so happen to be the ones we always buy. They come in two flavors: chicken and peanut butter. Ellie doesn’t discriminate.

Check out those ingredients. You really cannot go wrong with anything in there.

Last night I made an awesome and easy dinner- tortilla pizza. Simply topped two tortillas with sauce,sautéed mushrooms, spinach and parsley then baked for 45 minutes. These would only be two weight watchers points and were really filling, No, I’m not doing weight watchers but my mind just goes there.

I haven’t spoken much about it but for some reason I haven’t been following Mimi’s plan. Something about going into the day expecting a binge doesn’t sit right with me. We’re going to have to figure out if this is the best strategy for me. And if she really thinks so, then I need to let go of my fears and just do it. Yesterday I tried to simply eat intuitively and it worked out pretty well. Ideally that strategy would be my knight in shining armor.

My packed eats for today (not sure yet about breakfast). Bagel thin with peanut butter and a new apple butter I found at Shaws. I like how its made from apples and apple cider. It may taste like ass crack but I’ll let you know later. I also packed my favorite hummus dipping veggies: carrots, cauliflower (totally underrated) and broccoli.

Gotta run. Live like a dog and enjoy each moment today!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway. Winner picked tonight at 7.

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Damn donuts.

Freaking donuts are the bane of my existence. Who created these damn things? F-U whoever you are. Someone thought it was a good idea to bring a dozen donuts into work today and guess who had two?  This bitch. The same lady brought in a Costco sized box of truffles last week. I’d be lying if I said my lips didn’t touch a single heart-shaped chocolate. I think it’s sabotage.

I packed a bunch of stuff for work today– veggies, hummus, Amy’s burrito, pineapple chobani, coconut flakes, banana and an orange. I skipped breakfast since I wasn’t hungry and ate the burrito, orange and veggies for lunch. I bought the freaking biggest bag of oranges last night and if they’re all dried up like the one I ate today, someone’s going down. Going down to Chinatown.

Late afternoon was when I grew saddle bags. Oh well, I’ll run a truffle or two off tomorrow. I came home to the most wonderful package from Newman’s Own Organics. Over the course of the night I ate seven thousand mint chocolate cookies. Have you guys ever tried these? They’re sinful. They might be my favorite packaged cookie. Freaking awesome. Mint and chocolate together is a phenomenal combination. Gods gift really.  Sally, I’m blaming this weeks weight gain on you!

I made myself eat a real dinner despite my sugar shock: spaghetti squash, spinach, nutritional yeast, hummus and parm cheese. What’s dinner without cheese and crackers? I had forgotten about my Mary’s crackers since they got pushed to the back of the cabinet. Surprise!

Tomorrows appointment with Mimi got cancelled because she has a doctor’s appointment. I’m fine with it. Monday night television is so disappointing. Len has a whole line up that he enjoys but I find all the shows boring. If only American Idol could be on every night, I’d be one happy camper.

I’m thinking about doing boot camp in two weeks. Booty!!

My lids are so heavy so I’m off to bed.  Sweet dreams beautiful bloggies.

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