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Damn donuts.

Freaking donuts are the bane of my existence. Who created these damn things? F-U whoever you are. Someone thought it was a good idea to bring a dozen donuts into work today and guess who had two?  This bitch. The same lady brought in a Costco sized box of truffles last week. I’d be lying if I said my lips didn’t touch a single heart-shaped chocolate. I think it’s sabotage.

I packed a bunch of stuff for work today– veggies, hummus, Amy’s burrito, pineapple chobani, coconut flakes, banana and an orange. I skipped breakfast since I wasn’t hungry and ate the burrito, orange and veggies for lunch. I bought the freaking biggest bag of oranges last night and if they’re all dried up like the one I ate today, someone’s going down. Going down to Chinatown.

Late afternoon was when I grew saddle bags. Oh well, I’ll run a truffle or two off tomorrow. I came home to the most wonderful package from Newman’s Own Organics. Over the course of the night I ate seven thousand mint chocolate cookies. Have you guys ever tried these? They’re sinful. They might be my favorite packaged cookie. Freaking awesome. Mint and chocolate together is a phenomenal combination. Gods gift really.  Sally, I’m blaming this weeks weight gain on you!

I made myself eat a real dinner despite my sugar shock: spaghetti squash, spinach, nutritional yeast, hummus and parm cheese. What’s dinner without cheese and crackers? I had forgotten about my Mary’s crackers since they got pushed to the back of the cabinet. Surprise!

Tomorrows appointment with Mimi got cancelled because she has a doctor’s appointment. I’m fine with it. Monday night television is so disappointing. Len has a whole line up that he enjoys but I find all the shows boring. If only American Idol could be on every night, I’d be one happy camper.

I’m thinking about doing boot camp in two weeks. Booty!!

My lids are so heavy so I’m off to bed.  Sweet dreams beautiful bloggies.

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Is it really Monday again? It feels like this weekend went by both fast and slow. We squeezed a lot in and it felt good to be busy yet relaxed. Yesterdays trip to Newport was perfect since temps hit about 60. People were walking around in shorts and it seemed that everyone was smiling. As soon as we arrived, we hit up a local restaurant for some grub. Five dollar Bloody Marys? Yes please, and keep em’ coming. Lunch was a big salad with dried cranberries, chunks of blue cheese, pecans, apple slices and a grilled vegetable burger. It hit the spot. What’s up with the apples these days? They’re all mealy and kinda dull.

My all time favorite drink

Veg burg was like rubber

After some coffee, we went for a 3 mile walk  along the ocean. We soaked up the sun and gawked over the amazing mansions. I wanted to explore one so badly but can’t bring myself to pay 20 bucks for that privilege.  Newport’s a beautiful little town and worth visiting.

On our way home we stopped at a cute little coffee shop for a snack. I spotted a beautiful toasted marshmallow bar but my heart really wanted a smoothie. I ignored my craving and went with the bar. I was mad at myself before I even got out the door. Len advised me that I should get what I really wanted and that the marshmallow bar would not go to waste. Two minutes later, there I stood with a treat in each hand.

Sooooo good

Whipped Cream? I thought you'd never ask.

The smoothie got pounded in the car and the bar came out to play after dinner. Slurp and chomp.

Last night’s dinner was Saturday nights leftovers– Vegetarian Pad Thai. Though it seems that all I did yesterday was eat, I somehow managed to get some chores done: laundry, bank and grocery shopping. Done and done. You should know that Chobani is on sale at Shaws for 1 dollar. Yep, true story.

My bed won again this morning in the fight against my alarm. I might go to yoga tonight instead of my planned run. I cannot believe that our half marathon is in 6 weeks and I’m still slacking. We haven’t ran more than 6 miles….. oops! It will all work out in the end. Off to face the day.

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