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Thanks for the help with my WordPress issues. I ended up purchasing more space since I’m really bad with technology and that seemed to be the easiest route.

Yesterday I ate some more Clif bars (you read that right, plural) and dinner was mock french toast. Basically it was a piece of that Fitness bread topped with coconut butter, peanut butter and maple syrup. With dinner I drank a Magic Hat #9. Sorry, there are no photos because I at that point I had no space left so I didn’t bother. Don’t fret, I do have a picture of dessert…. a milk chocolate attune bar with vanilla ice cream. Definitely prefer the dark chocolate but this puppy was still good. Can you go wrong with chocolate and cream? I don’t think so.

My alarm went off from 6 to 7:30 this morning but I just couldn’t swing it. Maybe I’ll work out tonight.

I tried to pack a really healthy lunch and breakfast today to get started on the right foot. Apple, orange, a huge ass salad with olives and avocado (will add later) and a pineapple Chobani. So good.

olive oil and red wine vin as dressing

I feel like that’s a pretty boring meal plan but sometimes boring can be good. I eat way too many processed items and it needs to stop.

Can you believe it’s Wednesday already? This week is flying by. Len and I are headed to Vermont this weekend to surprise his mother for her birthday. Yesterday I spent a lot of time day dreaming about moving back to Vermont. It seems that after graduation would be the prefect transition time but that doesn’t work with Len’s work plans so we are putting it off for a while. ¬†On Sunday afternoon we’re going to Newport to meet my dad for lunch for his birthday. I’m happy to have plans this weekend so there’s not a repeat of last weekends shenanigans.

Totally disappointed in Idol selections this year. I have a favorite guy and a favorite girl. Other than that I’m totally not impressed. Have you guys been watching? And Ellen as a judge just doesn’t cut it. She says a few funny things but mostly I feel her comments aren’t credible.

If you were to pick up and move, where would you go?

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