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Week of Review in Therapy

In therapy last week, we made two goals to focus on:

1. keeping a  food diary

2. Resist the sweets I usually cave into and play close attention to how I feel after saying NO.

I’m happy to say that I have not had any sweets since LAST Monday; seven days without cookies, candy, cakes, etc. I noticed that I’ve been compensating with cheese and bread. Saturday night I ate WAY too much cheese. I did this well after I was full, because it was there and I wanted sweets. Sunday night was the only time I was literally pissed that I couldn’t eat sweets. I wanted to bust into those damn mini eggs so bad and it annoyed me that I couldn’t. I reminded myself that I feel 7 thousand times better since last Monday and that I know exactly how the mini eggs taste. I’ve had them many times. That reasoning seemed to work for a little  but I did scope out something else to hold my attention: a hummus, cheese and ketchup sandwich.

This was after dinner. Again, after I was full and didn’t need anything more to eat. I was filling an emotional void.

This is a journey.

Although I’m feeling good about my accomplishment, I know that if I picked up a single piece of chocolate it would be binge city. Mimi says that eventually we will work on feeling safe eating everything in moderation, but for now I should keep doing what I’m doing.

Len and I skipped boot camp yesterday and today. I feel so guilty about it but not guilty enough to get out there in the rain. I hit the gym up today for a few miles so I feel better.  Eats so far today include:

breakfast:toast with pb

egg, veggie and cheese omelette with strawberries and bread

I have all day off so I hope to actually get things accomplished. Boredom= eating.

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